We realise that for some people, it is nearly impossible to attend an Opticians without considerable assistance which is why we offer our home visiting service for those who could not attend their Opticians due to mobility or health issues

The cost of the home visiting service is paid for by the NHS. All British residents who reside in Scotland are eligible for a free sight test. There are no charges or call out fees for having a sight test at your home or residence if you are housebound or unable to travel unaided. If you are not eligible for a free house visit, you can pay a private fee for the optometrist to see you at home. Please contact us if you are unsure if you qualify.

We travel to various locations throughout the Highlands, as a guide, usually within an hour’s drive from Beauly. However, to find out if and when we can visit your area, please contact us. There may be a waiting list for remote areas.

Supplying spectacles for someone who receives a home visit:

We carry a wide range of frames with us – so there is plenty of choice. This includes stainless steel, titanium, rimless, supra and plastic frames. Patients who receive eligible benefits (Income Support/ Pension Credit/NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate/HC2 Certificate) are entitled to a voucher towards the cost of spectacles (Some spectacles are FREE under the NHS voucher scheme). Patients in receipt of an HC3 Certificate will receive part help towards the cost of their spectacles. For more specific details on costs, please contact us.

Who will attend our house if we have a home visit?

One of our highly experienced Optometrists and one of our fully trained optical assistants will visit you at home. Natalie is currently seeing most of our patients at home. All of our staff have enhanced disclosures and are registered with any necessary bodies. We have been providing house visits since 2004 and all staff are fully trained. The house visit should last approximately 1 hour.

If I am bed bound. Is it still possible to conduct a sight test?

The test chart and all equipment are fully mobile. We carry a portable slit lamp at all times for those patients who are bed bound. The slit lamp is used for checking the health of the eye. Our optometrist has conducted eye tests for patients who are unable to sit upright. Sight tests have been conducted with patients lying flat on their back in bed.