Our Optometrist will provide a thorough sight test using a wide range of diagnostic equipment.

Establishing any problems or difficulties the patient may be experiencing, the Optometrist will carry out various examinations and tests. These will include checking the current standard of vision against the updated prescription to determine if new spectacles are required. The eye pressures (intra-ocular pressures) will be checked. Then a thorough examination of the interior and exterior eyes and lids, usually with slit lamp, will be conducted and also visual fields if required.

Photographs of the eye will be taken using a Fundus camera, allowing our optometrist to keep a very details record of the back of the eye, should any changes occur from one sight test to the next. At the end of the examination our optometrist will discuss all findings and answer any questions. A copy of your prescription will be provided and as part of our remit we will be responsible for contacting the GP or other care professionals with further information, letters and referrals; should this be required.