If spectacles are required, we have a display with over 400 frames show casing a range from basic to designer, titanium, stainless steel, rimless and plastics. We can also provide hypo-allergenic frames.

The latest designer frames are available from our in-store range, or can be ordered if you know exactly what you are looking for. If you’re not sure what you want why not let our experienced team help you make the decision. Drop in to browse our selection and try some on for size. We also provide prescription lenses for sunglasses, which are also available in many designer brands, giving you great style and service in one go.

Any new spectacles will be checked personally by our trained staff and fitted for comfort – our staff will also check your vision with the new spectacles and can offer a range of accessories if required. Spectacles usually take 7-14 days to arrive – our staff will advise a more accurate delivery time at the time of ordering.


As independent opticians we can access a wide range of lens designs and are free to select the best products from any manufacturer we choose. We offer advanced lenses at sensible prices and a bespoke, personal service, using well-respected, quality products. We will advise on the best lenses and coatings for your visual needs and lifestyle.

Continuing development in lens technology means most lenses can be made thinner and lighter giving improved comfort and durability, especially when combined with anti-reflection and scratch-resistant coatings.